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Financing options services offered in Scottsdale, AZ

About Financing options

We are excited to be able to offer financing on our 3+ month packages as we believe healthy weight loss should be accessible and affordable!

Financing options Q&A

Who do you partner with for financing?

We are pleased to partner with Advance Care, an innovative financing solution for medical procedures and treatments.  They offer interest free financing for a certain period of time, instant approvals, generous credit limits and no prepayment penalty.

Who do you partner with for financing?

After the initial interest-free period, your interest rate and terms are based on your individual and current credit history and situation.

How soon before I can use my card?

It typically arrives between 4 and 7 business days.  You cannot use the credit until your card arrives with the card number.

What if I am credit challenged?

We have an option for you.  Advance Care has an installment loan product for clients with average or below average credit score or for clients who prefer an installment loan option.